Sarah Saglam

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales Operations

Sarah Saglam is Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales Operations for LeaseHawk.  She received her degree in Political Science, from UCLA, and chose a career in marketing and sales to utilize her writing and communications expertise.  She takes an integrated marketing and communications approach by leveraging digital and social media to engage customers on their purchase journey.  Her department creates engagement opportunities to understand the challenges that members of management companies face to identify their unique needs. 

She brings over 20 years of experience in leadership roles focused on strategic business development and marketing.  She has built nationally recognized campaigns that generated meaningful awareness and visibility.  Prior to LeaseHawk, Sarah served as VP of Corporate Relations, for national a non-profit, where she focused efforts on building brand awareness by developing highly impactful cause-related marketing and fundraising initiatives that generated $25 million. 

Sarah is passionate about her family, friends, and making an impact, both personally and professionally.  She has run 3 marathons for charity and serves on the board of the Foundation for Blind Children.  She gains creative inspiration by grabbing a backpack and exploring the world; to date visiting over 50 countries.